How the House Gets its Edge in Casino War?

Casino War House Edge

Casino War when played at the casinos allows the players to make an additional wager to continue in the hand and “go to war”, which means an equal wager to the original bet. Suppose you wager $10 on the original hand and both you and the dealer received a “10”. You would have to make an additional $10 wager to continue in the hand. If you won, you would win even money (1:1) on the additional wager, though the original bet still would be a push. Therefore, you would wager $20 to win back $10 in return. The ties thus in casino war produces the house edge.

In case of Second Deal

When you choose to play out the hand, the dealer burns three cards and then deals one card to you and one card to their hand.

In case of Surrendering

The option to going to war is to surrender after a tie. In this case, you only lose half your original wager. If you wagered $10, then you would lose $5 and surrender the hand immediately, with no chance of winning.

Special Rules and the house edge in casino war

In few of Las Vegas casinos, you’ll find special rules in case a second tie happens in one hand. Going back to the above example, if you each received “10” and chose to go to war, you might once again tie. Let’s say you and the dealer each receive an “8” try this out. In this case, casino rules might pay out a special bonus to the player. In most cases, the bonus would be the amount of your original wager.

In case of Tie Side Bet

Many casinos offer a side bet on the tie, too. In most cases, you would receive a 10:1 payout in the case of a tie. This sounds like a nice payout, but keep in mind there are 13 card ranks in a standard deck, so the odds are only 1 in 13 of being dealt a tie. As in most casino games, the side bet offers distinctly worse odds.

What are the Odds, Probability, and the House Edge?

The house edge on casino war sits between 2.28% and 2.33% ratio, depending on the rules being used. You can expect to lose between $2.28 and $2.33 of every $100 you wager playing this game. While casino war has a lower expected return than blackjack or video poker, both of those games require strategy knowledge to optimize those low odds.

Casino War is more like roulette, craps, or pokies machines, because the results are totally out of your hands. In comparison to those games, the odds of casino war are better than European roulette, much better than American roulette, and far better than the pokies. Only traditional baccarat, European roulette played with “la partage” rules, and the best craps bets have a better house edge among the games with no strategy component.

Essentially, the best strategy is to go to war every time you tie with the dealer. Surrendering has a slightly higher advantage for the house, so based on the expected value probabilities a player should never surrender.

House Edge when playing casino war online for Real Money

To many players casino war is a kid game but no. At the casinos where the casino war game is powered by gaming software it is an adult game where you punters can enjoy and play. The online version is played in much the same way as in land casinos

Also casinos over the internet has the same house edge for casino war. The only thing is that the game is played quickly, so you face the house edge many times per hour, if you play at top speeds. Therefore it is advised not to use the auto-play feature, because you will lose more money if you play real game.

It is better to learn and have practice at such casinos before going for real money war to play. Many casinos offer free practice mode or even one can find several of the Facebook casino programs that offer their version of casino war. Also it is better to play the game in fun mode in casinos that offer casino war game so that you are well versed with the game strategy before indulging in real money play