Can you recall the history of Casino War?

Casino War History

When you enter the casino to play casino war you might say’ Oh it is just an old card game”. Yes Casino War is derived from the old card game of War. You might recall how you would have played this game as a kid. In Casino War, as in the original War, the player with the higher card is the winner. Casino War as a casino game can now be thought of as War for grown-ups.

If you look back to the history of this game then it has something to do with the word ‘war’ obviously. Since time immemorial civilizations had been into war with each other this word might have been coined for game play too. As when people started playing cards they might have taken this as war between two players at the table with cards of game play. Over the years, different versions of war developed and it became a popular game among adults. There is a Russian version called P’yantisa, or Drunkard, which is played with 36 cards.

The original card game War was played by two people. Each player started with half of a deck of cards, which he held face down. The object of the game was to get all of the cards.

To play War, each player would turn over his top card, and the one with the higher card won the round and got to keep the loser’s card. If the values of the two cards were the same, the players would “go to war.” Each player would put down three cards face-down and then one card face-up. The player with the higher face-up card would win the war and collect the whole stash of cards. The game continued with round after round until one player had accumulated all the cards in the deck and thereby won the game.

Eventually, the original game of War was modified to create the casino gambling game known as Casino War. It might have taken this form as table games like playing cards were introduced in casinos and thus casino war. The thing that got modified at casinos with this game is that the winner of a round didn’t get to keep the cards, he got to win real money, which is even better online viagra no prescription. The other modification is that Casino War is usually played with six decks of cards.

Casino War was always one of the simplest games in the casino. Many people considered it a good way for new punters to become comfortable with the casino environment. Others thought of it as a side attraction to keep the partners of the high-rolling punters  occupied while their better halves played the more serious casino games.

The truth of the matter is that, simple though it may be, Casino War turned out to be a lot of fun. It is fast-moving, it has a low house advantage, and, especially when the players go to war, it provides its share of thrills and suspense. As a result, many people who were neither newbies nor the partners of high rollers became fans of the game of Casino War.

With the introduction and growth of the internet in the 1990s, Casino War was introduced at casinos that work online among other competitive table games. At such casinos the casino war does not need other players; it is just you against the dealer. Also these casinos do not use real playing cards. They use random number generators, which ensures that the games are fair and the payouts are fair and everyone has a fair chance to win at Casino War.

The game is designed and developed in such a form that it gives  the same look and feel of the land based casino and the dealers of the game; with the felt table, the stacks of chips, and the deal of the cards. Also came the option to have online banking transactions to deposit your money safely and securely at the casino to stake at casino war table. Nowadays thus casino war has become more popular at the such casinos also saving time and energy to visit the land casinos for this game play. With the coming of online  gaming developers and latest technology casino war progressive games are introduced with other card games to enjoy and have every bit of fun.