Casino War Australian Rules

Do you remember the kid’s game known as War? This game spread rapidly during the Middle Ages because a lot of people were confined to their homes during the plague. They preferred to stay indoors and play board games. During the twentieth century, a Las Vegas casino owner decided that since so many people enjoyed playing War, they might as well play it in his casino. He changed the name of the game from War to Casino War, and changed the rules slightly so people could play for real money.

Understand the game

Casino War can be played with many players as well as an individual player. The game starts with six decks of cards. The player makes a bet. Then the dealer draws two cards, one for himself and the other for the player. If the player’s card is higher, he wins the same amount of money that he or she wagered, in addition to getting back the wagered money itself. If the dealer has a higher card, the player loses his money. The ranking of cards is the same as in poker; ace as highest, followed by king, queen, jack, then the numbered cards in descending order. All four suits have the same value. An ace of hearts is as good as an ace of spades.

In case of Tie

In the event of a tie, when the two cards with the same value are there the course is  different suits. If they are the same suit, the dealer has some serious explaining to do. In this case, the player, have two options to select. Either you can surrender, and lose half of your wager or you go to war.

Going to War

War here does not mean a real fight between players and dealer. But the game and the real fun begins now. The dealer first “burn” three cards, which means to remove them from the deck without putting them into play. The player now has to up the stakes by doubling his or her original bet. Then two more cards are dealt, one to the player and one to the dealer. If the value of the player’s card is at least as high as that of the dealer, he wins back the money that he originally bet (excluding the money wagered after going to war). And if the player lose, both the money from the original wager and the money put up after going to war are lost to the house.

Experience Gained

Playing Casino War is an exciting and unpredictable experience. Players having no experience too will find much enjoyment. Play tends to go on through several rounds, during which many players lose, and then win, than lose again. This one-step-forward-two-steps-back progression might be somewhat frustrating at first, but many players soon get used to it, and even find that it is one of the reasons why they become so deeply sucked into the game.

Secondly the convenience of betting system switching from high to low wagers as on your mood. You also have the option of surrendering, though not advisable.  Also there is the mixture of chance and judgment inherent in playing Casino War. If you like leaving your fate or your wager it is entirely up to chance. If you are excited of constantly having to choose between giving up or raising the stakes, Casino War can be quite the thrill.

Do not be surprised if you end up thinking of the dealer as your opponent. In many other casino games, your opponent is either a lifeless machine or another customer. In Casino War, though, you end up sitting in front of a dealer for a long period of time, dealing with every deal of a new hand that your card is worth more than his. The dealer begins to seem like an enemy, and a rather powerful one at that, instead of a neutral party. Being able to trust your dealer is therefore particularly important when you are playing Casino War.