Which best strategy can be used as a new player to play the game of war?

Casino War game strategy for new players

Casino war is not so popular game among regular casino players. Not because this game is boring but many gamers associate it with the kids war of game and think it as a child’s play. But not so smart this casino war game is simple to play and resembles like other card games at the casino tables.

As a new player at the casino you wish to know about each and every game and if you are the one looking for the best strategy to play the game of war as a newbie then you have come to the right place.

First and foremost you must know the casino war game rules which are simple and easy to understand. It is possibly the easiest game you can find in a casino. In a game of casino war, the dealer deals one card (face up) to all the players in the game and himself. Once all the cards have been dealt, and if your card is higher than the dealer’s one you win; if your card is lower than the dealer’s one you lose and if your card matches the dealer’s card then the real fun begins.

If the dealer’s card matches yours, you can choose to ‘surrender’ or to ‘go to war’. The first option allows you to leave the game at the cost of half the original bet, while a ‘war declaration’ offers you the chance to stay in play – as long as you can bet an amount that is equal to the original wager.

Once you ‘go to war’ and place your bet, the dealer burns three cards and deals one card to you and to all the other players who have decided to ‘go to war’ and to himself. If your second card is lower than the dealer’s second card, the dealer wins and you lose both bets. However, if your second card is higher or matched the dealer’s second card – the original bet is paid off.

The best strategy to play casino war as a new player

Avoid the side bet: With a side wager, you bet that first card you play will tie with that of the dealer. The 10:1 payout for your bet seems lucrative. However, consider that the casino edge here exceeds 18.5%. While winning is possible even under such unlikely circumstances, it is too big of a risk to take so forget it.

Decide to Surrender or Continue: If you want to play and win at Casino War, start by deciding if you should surrender your bet or continue until you reach a tie. Logically, not quitting remains the best option since if you do so, you lose half of your wager to the house. If you surrender when there is a tie, the house has a 3.7% edge.

When you go to war, this edge reduces tremendously to a meagre 2.8%. This means that if you keep on playing, you have a 50-50 chance to win even though you must have another wager equivalent to your first bet to continue.Better you do not surrender.

Avoid betting on a tie: Because the game requires six decks that give the player and the dealer equal chances to win a game, from a mathematical standpoint they both have 46.3% chances to win. When the game goes on after a tie, a loss translates to losing both the initial bet as well as the bet you placed to go to war. Losing half your bet on surrender is not as bad as losing everything, but losing is losing.

If you win, you get a 10:1 payout. However, beneficial as the prospects may seem, in an ante bet there are 13 possible card values that the dealer may get and only one of them can bring you victory in a tie bet. The 10:1 payout is not even sufficient to cover 12 loses in the tie bet. With the house having an 18.65% edge, you have a slim chance of winning a tie bet. So know that the house has a higher edge with a tie.

Look out for the Aces: The Ace is the highest denomination card in Casino War. The casino war strategy here is to consider the intervals at which the dealer is laying out aces. If you have not seen an ace in a while, it will show up soon, and once you get it, you are at a win or a tie.

You can never tell with certainty when it will appear but with practice it soon will and raise your edge at the table. Always therefore watch the cards on the layout.

Place small wagers: Casino war always puts the house at an advantage. Often it is a question of cutting back on your losses. Knowing this, as you ride on the adrenaline rush of waiting for the Ace, remember with each successive bet you place double you initial bet.

Even if you win, you only win what you bet. Get into the game knowing that you will not leave with big bucks,but will lose more from your wallet. Better play for fun not for money.

Know when to stop the game: If you are losing you should stop the gameplay.  It is better to set a time when you will cash in your chips before going broke. Always have a fixed budget to play the game and stop when you think its enough. Because you do not want to lose your money that you cannot afford to lose.

Avoid cheating: Many players think of other means to win which is legally wrong.  Card marking is one way that a cheater uses to attempt to hoodwink the dealer. Unfortunately, the few rules to this simple game make it hard to cheat successfully. Also if you are caught cheating you will suffer more with fines and imprisonment. So know the game rules and play wisely.

After all in any war one is a winner and other is a loser. Accept that fact and play for fun knowing when to quit the game.