What is Casino War Cheats

Casino war cheats

You have known what Casino War is all about. You’re basically just placing a bet on which player will draw the highest card. In most casinos, war is played with six decks at a time. Casino war cards are ranked just like in poker, except that in casino war, aces are always high cards. The suit doesn’t matter.

Casino table games involving cards are vulnerable to all sorts of card cheats. Casino war is not based on poker, like Caribbean Stud or Let It Ride, but because the game involves the use of playing cards, it’s vulnerable to traditional card cheats.

In fact, card cheats like marking cards may be easier to use to cheat casino war because the game involves as few as two cards: the dealer’s card and your own card. If a casino cheat were to mark high-value cards, the ones more likely to beat his own or to beat the dealer’s lower cards, he’d have a distinct advantage in knowing whether to go to war after a tie or whether to place a high paying 10 to 1 tie bet before the game starts.

Card marking is hardly the only cheat casino players will try to gain an advantage at casino war. Dealer collusion is a real problem in casinos, and casino war dealers could easily work out a system with a player ahead of time to signal to the cheat what sort of bet he should place. For example, if a dealer could surreptitiously peek at the cards about to be dealt, he may be able to signal to the cheater if a tie bet (the bet in casino war that offers the best payout to the gambler) would pay off. The dealer could also use any number of card dealing tricks, such as dealing from the bottom, to make sure that the cheater won more often than he lost.

The problem with dealer collusion is that there’s no guarantee that a casino dealer would actually go through with a collusion deal. The cheater may pay off the dealer ahead of time to cheat; the dealer takes the money, and then doesn’t cheat at all. In that case, the cheater would have no means of approaching the dealer and trying to get his money back. After all, he’s cheating the casino illegally.

Hiding or palming cards could help a casino cheat beat the dealer at war. For example, keeping a literal ace up his sleeve could help the cheat switch out his card with the ace, the highest value card in the game. Unfortunately for the cheat, this switch would be hard to pull off, since casino war doesn’t offer the cheater much room to switch out a card without the dealer or casino security noticing.

How players Cheat

It is never recommended to cheat. But many a times players take advantage.

  • The classic cheater simply goes up to a table, grabs some chips, and runs run away but this is fraught with danger.
  • Marking cards while you play is another popular method is called pegging in Gambling jargon.
  • “The Daub” technique is done by secretly applying a substance that leaves an almost invisible smudge on the card.
  • High value cards like face cards and aces are usually the targets.
  • The “hold out” method requires the palming of a card and substituting a better one. This is usually done when there is big money bet on the hand.
  • One of the big risks to these methods is that when the deck is changed, a casino employee always checks the cards after they are removed from the table.
  • Other methods include playing two hands and switching cards from one hand to the other, counterfeiting cards or casino chips, and adding chips after a winning hand.
  • Some dealers may be careless when looking at their hole card to check for Casino War. A person behind the dealer on the other side of the pit may be able to discern the card. The value is then signalled to a player at the table.
  • Beware as astute dealers may notice someone who is not playing those scratches their head too much.
  • Wireless signalling devices have been used for various purposes but some casinos have new electronic detection systems that monitor certain frequencies for activity.
  • The best way to guard against being cheated is to learn how people go about cheating . You should know what to watch for.

Casino war has simple rules that leave fewer opportunities for traditional card cheating than other card games. Besides dealer collusion or card marking, the simple rules of casino war make it hard for a cheater to successfully influence the outcome of the game.