15 ways you can make payment at the casinos to play casino war

Casino War Deposit Modes

Casino war is the classic card game liked by many of us. As you know how this card game is played with a deck of cards split between two players. Each player would turn over the top card and the player with the higher card would win the card of the opponent. The player who would be the first to gain all of the opponent’s cards-the whole deck of cards, would be the winner. War would occur when the two players would simultaneously turn over cards of the same value. When this happened, each player would put three cards face down and a fourth face up. The player who had the face –up card of a higher value would win the war and collect all four cards of his opponent.

At casinos that work over the internet, you play against the dealer and you earn real money to win if playing with cash. Here at the game of war online you usually play with six decks of cards.  The game of casino war game is enjoyed by most of the players as it has a low house advantage.

To play thus casino war at the such  casinos you will find many kinds of deposit modes available for you to play. When you register yourself at any these casino you need to check the banking options available according to your location and country. Also look of safe and secure online transactions.

Many of the players opt to use credit card as a way of depositing money at the these casino. But using credit card delays the immediate fund transfer and you have to wait for a while. Also not all of the credit cards allow players to withdraw money on to their card.

Let us know in brief what all are the payment methods at any of these casinos and how they work. Again, remember it is not necessary that these options are compatible with your country and you need to check what suits you best.

1. Paypal

Pay Pal

Paypal is the most widely used online fund transferring service used by many countries for the casinos deposit mode. A Paypal account allows players the ability to instantly fund the casino games such as casino war.  You can link your Paypal account to a bank account and credit card accounts and all your banking information will remain safe and secure. When using Paypal for casino war deposit simply click on the paypal link on the banking page of your casino.

2. Click2Pay


With Click2Pay you can transfer funds online at the casino. After signing up with Click2Pay at their website, you’ll choose to use your debit card, credit card, or to have Click2Pay directly withdraw funds from your bank account. A Click2Pay representative will be in touch with you to discuss your personal spending capacity and to set your limits with you. You go to your favorite Casino War site, you’ll opt Click2Pay as your preferred money transfer method.

The money you win can go directly back to your account at Click2Pay and you can if wish use that money again to enjoy Casino War or use for your own personal things.

3. EcoCard


EcoCard can make you do online funds transfer at the casino. Log onto the EcoCard website and following their easy enrollment instructions, you will be ready to transfer funds. You can use many various currencies at their site including Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Danish Crones, Euros, British Pounds and others. When you’re ready to transfer your funds, you can do so using Western Union transfers, bank payments, MoneyGram transfers, or Private Money transfers. After that go to your favorite Casino War site, and choose EcoCard as your preferred money transfer method and start the war.

4. Neteller


Neteller is on online payment method that allows you to instantly transfer money from your bank account to Neteller, and from Neteller to any of the casino sites where you want to play. Neteller offers services in over 34 languages and in 160 countries. You have to become a member and register yourself at Neteller. After that make deposits from your account to Neteller. Got to any internet casino of your choice to play Casino War and use Neteller as your  deposit method of choice. Your money will be deposited instantly and you can play your game within few minutes.

5. Ukash


Ukash is used throughout Europe and in many other countries in the world. So if you are in UK then simply go into any shop where there is a PayPoint, payzone or e-pay sign and ask for a Ukash voucher. There are more than 30,000 online and offline merchants throughout the UK and Europe who sell Ukash vouchers. You’ll receive the voucher for the amount you’ve requested and you’ll get a unique 19 digit Ukash number. You can then go to any casino that has Casino War and  use Ukash as deposit method, type in your Ukash voucher and have fun playing! Ukash voucher has a 12 month life span so you can play within this period of time.

6. ClickandBuy

Click and Buy

ClickandBuy is an online e-payment system used by 8 million customers worldwide. It offers a safe and secure transaction.  Funding your ClickandBuy account can be done via your credit card, a direct debit card or even by direct transfer. Remember your personal banking details are not transferred to the casino and of all transfers are instant, allowing you to start playing Casino War immediately.

7. EntroPay


You can join EntroPay via the EntroPay website. You can use EntroPay to Play Real Money Casino War from anywhere worldwide. If the casino you choose to play has a regular Visa symbol, then you know you can use the EntroPay card. EntroPay is basically a virtual Visa card. The money that you decide to use for a Casino War game is taken from your regular bank account via your standard credit or debit card. It will appear on a statement as “EntroPay UK”. There is no need to give any of your personal banking details to the casino or any other payment system, EntroPay is totally secure and safe, in addition to being certified by the UK Financial Services authority. Playing Casino War for real money can be done from anywhere in the world just as using the EntroPay payment system can, there are no limitations on where and when you use it.

8. UseMyBank


UseMyBank is an innovative payment system that uses your existing online banking terms to facilitate payments. By simply registering as a user through the UseMyBank website you can immediately start making bets for any Casino War game that is at a UseMyBank participating casino. The only verification needed to open a UseMyBank account is your email address and telephone number. Of course your personal bank also has to be one of the participating banks in this venture.
UseMyBank is totally secure and is instant. As soon as you make a transfer of funds to your Casino War game, your personal account will be debited and the casino is credited. Within few minutes of starting the whole process, you can start your war game.

9. UseMyWallet


UseMyWallet uses a direct link to the your  bank account in order to take care of payments and fund transfers. Go the internet casino, look out for the UseMyWallet logo and you can request an invitation via an account with the Casinos.

UseMyWallet is not only cost effective and easy to use but it can be funded in a number of ways; via credit cards, debit cards and even bank transfers.

Withdrawing your winnings at Casino War is simple and easy to do with UseMyWallet. By simply clicking on the withdraw option in your casino, you can initiate a withdrawal to your UseMyWallet account which takes from 5-7 days. Once the money is deposited in your UseMyWallet account, you can withdraw it to your own bank account in couple of of days.

10. InstaDebit


InstaDebit is a Canadian online financial transaction service. In order to use InstaDebit, you must register and verify your bank account with the service. At InstaDebit instead of providing a credit card number or a debit card number, you provide the details of your bank account, and InstaDebit verifies both sides of the transaction and once done the money goes straight from the source to the destination. However, Instadebit is not available at all casinos and is also not available to players from the United States.

11. Moneybookers


Moneybookers is available in twelve countries worldwide, including Great Britain, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain, and others. With Moneybookers, you can choose to transfer funds between two online accounts: your bank account and your Moneybookers account. When you transfer funds online between a checking account and a savings account, you click “transfer funds” on your bank’s online interface, and then you choose the account to transfer from and the account to transfer into. You can also move money into your Moneybookers account using a credit card or a debit card.

Moneybookers has a nominal fee involved which is usually not more than 2%. Also you can make these transactions in U.S. dollars, in Euros, in Canadian dollars and in many more currencies of the world so keep an eye on currency exchange rate.

12. eCheck

<img class=”alignnone wp-image-177″ src=”http://www.playcasinowar buy cheap levitra online.com.au/wp-content/uploads/echeck.jpeg” alt=”eCheck” width=”244″ height=”113″ />

eCheck is a Canadian service, is works like an online debit service as the money takes straight from the player’s bank account. The transaction then goes through a service called Authorize Net Payment Gateway, which confirms and validates the transaction from bank account to casino account or vice versa.

When you click eCheck as deposit method at the casino information is sent through Authorize.Net, which checks it, confirms it and validates it. Authorize.Net then sends it through its bank and the service then determines from the information provided the bank from which the transaction is to be taken in this case your bank account.  Your bank account is then charged. The funds are then relayed to Authorize.Net’s bank. Authorize.Net then does another check, and after a short holding period, the funds are deposited into their final

13. Paysafecard


Paysafecard is an online European tool you can use to protect your financial data. Instead of using a credit card to play games like Casino War, you can buy a Paysafecard and put cash on the card.  It is basically the same as playing with cash. You don’t have to worry about going over your limit since you have funded the card ahead of time.

14. Citadel


Citadel lets you transfer funds from your bank account to the account you want to use when you play Casino War. It also lets you transfer money you win from the casino account back into your bank account. You can set it up in a few seconds by visiting the Citadel website. As soon as you are set up, you are ready to play Casino War with your Citadel Account. Since you prefund the account, you don’t have to worry about spending more than you have.
Citadel is only available to US residents with a US Dollar bank account and to Canadian residents with either a US Dollar or Canadian Dollar bank account in Canada.

15. iDeal


This is more useful for the Dutch players. iDeal lets you change your money from your Netherlands bank account to a  casino account.  You do not need to register or download any files as iDeal is not a financial institution but an online medium to move funds from your existing bank account to your casino account. The only disadvantage with iDeal is that it can’t transfer the funds you win back to your bank account but will  send you a check.