Where To Play Casino War From Betsoft?

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Casino War from Betsoft gaming can be played at Betsoft powered online casino like Rich Casino, 7 Reels Casino and others. Betsoft provides casino war tables at online casinos to play with real AUD and Bitcoins. Casino War from Betsoft has simple game rules to follow. Simply place a wager (and an optional bet on TIE) then press DEAL for the dealer and you to get a single card. Whoever has the highest card wins, simple as. If the dealer’s card is higher you lose your stake, if your card beats the dealer’s you win even money. If you have placed a bet on the TIE spot, that bet will pay 10:1.

If your cards match you will have the option to Surrender by giving up half your bet. Or you can go to War, in which case you’ll place a bet equal to 2x the first bet and after burning 3 cards you and the dealer will each get another card. Beat the dealer to win, or lose both stakes.

How to play Casino War from Betsoft?

Casino war from Betsoft

To play casino war from Betsoft you need to join Betsoft powered online casino like Rich Casino.

Rich Casino is one of the top most online casinos that accepts players from Australia. Besides pokies  you can play variety of games online even with your mobile PC or tablet. All the games are instant to play which means you needn’t download anything but simply type the casino url on your web or mobile browser be it chrome, firefox, safari or any other and hit enter to visit the casino.

Once you are at the casino homepage, just click on Join now or sign up button and register yourself as a new player. After all the formalities make an initial deposit of $10- $25 or Bitcoins.

Now visit the games lobby and on the search bar type ‘Casino War’

Or go to Favourites Game and find Casino War game

The player and dealer are each dealt a single card. If the player has a higher card than the dealer, he wins the bet. If the player has a lower card than the dealer, he loses the bet. If the player and dealer tie, things become more interesting. The player has the option to surrender and lose half of his bet or “have a war” and double his bet. Having a war results in a lower house edge than surrendering.

When the player and dealer have a war, they are each dealt a second card. If the player wins the war, he only gains 1x his initial bet, rather than 1x the doubled bet. If the player loses the war, he loses the full doubled bet. A second tie is treated as a player win.  Betsoft refers to Casino War as Top Card Trumps. They use six decks and follow the stingy “no bonus” rule for a tie after a tie. This results in a house edge of 2.88%.

  • If your card’s value is higher, you win. You’re paid 1:1 on your ante bet. If it’s lower, you lose your ante bet.
  • If you made the tie bet, but you didn’t tie the dealer, you lose the bet. But if you tie you’ll receive a payout equal to 10x your ante bet.
  • When you tie, you’ll also have the option to go to war. Similar to the card game.
  • The key difference here is you have a choice. You can go to war or you can surrender.
  • But, if you surrender you’ll get only half your ante bet back. But if you decide to go to war you’ll have to make an additional bet equal to your ante bet.

If you decide to go to war the dealer will give you one more card face down. Then he’ll burn 3 cards, followed by giving himself one more card. Then both your cards are flipped face up and compared.

Whoever has the highest hand wins. If you win you’ll receive even money on the war bet, but you’ll push on the ante bet (which is where the casino’s primary edge comes from). Also if you lose, you lose both your bets.

Betsoft casinos offer awesome bonuses for new players who join their casinos to play casino war. Always read the terms and conditions of the bonus offers before you redeem any bonus as many times they have a wagering requirement to fulfill before you make a withdrawal of your winnings.