What is the terrific casino war strategy for beginners?

What is the terrific casino war strategy for beginners?

The best card game for beginners is Casino war at online casinos. As it is easy to play game and no skills required. All you need is to adopt few tips or game strategy to play this childhood game of war now in video format.

At the start of the game the player and the dealer each get a card that goes face up.

Then, what follows are these three possible outcomes:

  • You win if your card has a higher face value than the dealer’s
  • You lose if your card has a lower face value than the dealer’s
  • A tie occurs when the two cards are equal. Then, you can go to war or surrender

So this is exactly what makes Casino War such an appealing online Casino game.

What’s more a terrific casino war strategy is to first play casino war free at online casinos to get familiar with the game. Free play or play for fun or practice mode of any game at online casino doesn’t cost a penny. All you need is to launch the online casino by simply typing the online casino URL on your web or mobile browser and hit enter to go to casino’s homepage at once.

Next go to games lobby and search for casino war game

Click on the game and the game will load at once

Now play for free with the free chips added to the game.

When you win you again win free chips or so called virtual currency to play more. That’s the only way to find out, whether this simple game suits your taste.

Now while you play for free, make sure to use these Casino War strategy tips for the best results.

Avoid the Side Bet

Aside from the original Ante bet, the game lets you make an additional bet on a tie. At first, this bet seems quite a good one, as it pays you 10:1.

However, it’s worthless. Because the chances of hitting a tie are simply too low. As the Casino War game requires six decks that give the player and the dealer equal chances to win a game, from a mathematical standpoint they both have 46.3 percent chances of victory. This leaves you with only a 7.40 percent chance to hit a tie.

As soon as you make the side bet, the Casino house edge skyrockets to more than 18.5 percent and it’s simply too big of a risk.

Do Not Surrender

When there is a tie, you have two options: surrender or go to war. Your chances to win at Casino war are higher if you ditch the idea to surrender altogether that’s because quitting a hand results in a loss of half of your wager. If you surrender when there is a tie, the house has a 3.7 percent edge.

When you go to war, this edge reduces tremendously to a meager 2.8 percent. This means that if you hang on, you have a 50-50 chance to win even though you must make another wager equivalent to your first bet to continue.

Look Out for the Aces

The Ace is the highest denomination card in Casino War. The Casino War strategy here is to consider the intervals at which the dealer is laying out Aces. If you have not seen an Ace in a while, it will show up soon, and once you get it, you are at a win or a tie. Of course, you can never be certain when the Ace will appear.

However, the knowledge that it soon will raises your edge at the table. So, the best strategy for Casino War is to be alert and pay close attention to the cards that have already shown up.

Place Small Wagers

Like any other real money game, Casino War always puts the house at an advantage. Often it is a question of cutting back on your losses, but lose you will. Knowing this, as you ride on the adrenaline rush of waiting for the Ace, remember to never go over your budget – even if you have a hunch that the next hand will be your lucky one. Also even if you win, you only win what you bet. Which means that there is no advantage of betting big – there is no Jackpot or bonus to be won. So, one of the better Casino War strategies is to always go with the minimum bet.

Play Responsibly

Knowing that the house always has the advantage, decide at which point you will throw in the towel. Set a time when you will cash in your chips – while you still have money in your pockets. Also when you get to the predetermined walk-away time, walk away regardless if you are in the black or in the red.

Finally play wisely keeping your bankroll in mind. Do not gamble with money that you can’t afford to lose.