What is One2Six Shuffler used for edge sorting in Casino War?

Card Shuffler

One2Six Shuffler is actually a machine that shuffles your card at the table of any card game including casino war. Basically the machine can be seen at live real land based casinos or at live online casinos kept at the side of the gaming table.

At land casinos the players are not allowed to touch their own cards. The next card to be dealt is clearly visible before it is dealt. In particular, if the cards inside the One2Six have been edge sorted, the bottom edge of the next card to be dealt can easily be distinguished. There is the brush shield that covers the next card to be dealt.

Like baccarat, it is hard to imagine how the cards inside the One2Six could be edge sorted. Maybe a pro punter can convince the casino to turn certain cards. It is possible that at some casinos the players are allowed to touch their cards. Maybe there are issues with the shuffler itself that can be exploited. Maybe there is collusion with management. Regardless, if cards can be identified, the edge that is possible is extraordinary.

Card Shuffler

The state-of-the-art technology here is to create a premium shuffler capable of handling up to six decks of playing cards. It can be used for virtually all multi-deck card games delivering shuffle every time.

Its multi-deck shoe includes a true smart card delivery system that ensures a smooth, continuous card supply. The One2Six shuffle machine automatically verifies card quantity prior to each game and allows dealers to check playing card quantity at any time. By continuously shuffling four, five or six decks, your table’s overall game play can increase by 25%.

The advantage of this shuffler is that you can play more games per hour with higher security and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and reduces the risk of player-dealer collusion with counts and verifies correct number of cards.

Common rules to play Casino War

Casino war- best strategy

After making a wager, the dealer and player each receive a card face up. If the player’s card is higher in rank than the dealer’s card, the player wins even money. If his card is lower, he loses his wager. Ace is high.

If the player’s card matches the dealer’s in rank, the player can surrender and recoup half his bet, or he can go to war (basic strategy is to always go to war).

When going to war, the player places an additional war wager equal to his original wager. The player and the dealer each get another card. If the player beats the dealer, he wins even money on his original wager and his war wager is a push. If he ties the dealer, he wins even money on both his original wager and war wager. If the dealer beats the player, the player loses both his original wager and war wager.

In casino war the first card usually goes to the player seated at first base. If the cards have been sorted and this player can observe the top of the first card, then this is the seat that will have information about a card to be dealt in the next round.

The player has the edge if the card he receives is 9, T, J, Q, K or A. Otherwise, the house has the edge.

Card shuffler in casino war

Dealing procedure at some casinos has the dealer receiving the first card out of the continuous shuffle machine. The following table gives a breakdown of the house edge by the rank of the first card dealt to the dealer:

The player has the edge if the card the dealer receives is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7. Otherwise, the house has the edge.  Casino War is extremely vulnerable to any system that allows individual cards or groups of cards to be identified. Including a “turn” as part of the shuffle procedure is the usual remedy against edge sorting. Because the shoe is never fully shuffled when using a CSM, a “turn” is not possible. There is another easy fix.

Note that the ability to use edge sorting or other card identification method against caisno war requires a clear view of the top card before it is dealt. The experts believe that the first card to come out of the shuffler should be burned each round. Also there are other card identification methods that have been used against the One2Six.

The One 2 Six shuffler has what amounts to an internal Ferrispercent wheel inside with many slots to hold the cards. When used, cards are inserted randomly into the slots. Then a preset number of cards are dropped into the dealing section so the dealer can give them to the players. The advantage is that, while you can’t know the exact cards that will be distributed for the coming hands, you will know that the cards in that layout won’t be dealt out in the next couple hands. This means that you can look at the cards on the table and get a feel for what’s coming next. If you are adept at card counting, you may already know that when there are lots of aces left in the shoe and many small cards (especially fives) have been played, you should bet more.

Those extra aces and 10’s in the deck mean you’ve got a good chance of making say on the next hand. The dealer has the same advantage, but you’ll get paid 3 to 2 for your game, the dealer only gets even money from you!

Multiple Deck Shufflers and Card Counting

Card counting is a skill that only a few people can master. Counting cards requires a player to keep a running count of numbers assigned to specific cards so it can be ascertained when the deck is good for the house, or for the player. When the player actually has an advantage, bets are raised. Also keeping track of the true count on a single-deck game can yield great results. It’s also easier than doing so on a multi-deck game.

As most casinos have multi-deck games, card counters must practice until they can maintain a true running count and adjust their wagers against 4, 6 and even 8-deck shoes. The payoff is that even a simple Plus Minus Count can offer the counter an advantage over the house and can be fairly easy to implement on a shoe game.

When the count is negative and the house has the advantage, counters get down to their lowest possible wagers and stay there. A shoe can go cold for a long time, so occasionally you can take a phone call, go to the bathroom, or just take a break and sit at the table and watch. You’ll probably have to wait to play until the next shoe, but that’s good. Waiting keeps you from having to wager on a bad shoe.

The automatic shuffler will have the next set of cards ready to deal as soon as the shoe is done, so you can get started again. When the count goes positive you can quickly get your larger wagers into action. Having the multi-deck shuffler on the table will be to your advantage because you will see more shoes per hour, thus increasing your overall win rate.

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